Study? Play? Or just watching a movie? Johnny is here for the kids in every moment of using digital devices. They are super simple, yet elegant, making them easy to fit most faces. Also, wearing them is barely noticable, because they are super light.

Fit: Small 

Shape: Rectangle

Weight: Light

Frame Color: Tortoise Shell

Lenses: Clear UV & Blue Light Protection

Blue Light Technology

All of our glasses filter blue light and UV light at all time. You can safely enjoy your time in front of digital screens like smart phones, computers, TV screens and tablets with wearing our protective eyewear. They can be worn at work, during the day, and especially before bed to reduce the negative effects of digital light on your eyes.

Our lenses filter 100% of the blue light under 380nm and 47% of the blue light on the 380-500nm spectrum.

Additionally, they have UV-400 protection.

✓ More style

✓ More focus

✓ Better sleep

All shipments generally arrive at the destination specified by the purchaser within 2-15 business days of the date of entry into force of the contract of sale. See more detailed information at our Shipping Policy

EUROPE: 1-5 working days

UNITED STATES: 2-7 working days

REST OF THE WORLD: up to 15 days

We have the right to ship goods in up to 30 calendar days in exceptional cases (such as pre-orders or any unexpected technical difficulties, about which we will inform you).

Customer Reviews

Based on 339 reviews

Усталость глаз и головные боли после рабочего дня больше не беспокоят. Очень довольна очками!

Janis J.

Es pavadu daudz laika pie datora - lieliskas brilles darbam pie kompi.
Rāmis neliecas un ir izturīgs, iesaku.

Merje M.


Anneli L.

Enam ei kujutaks ette oma tööpäevi ilma sinisevalguse prillideta. Silmad ei valuta enam ja puuduvad pingevalud ekraani vaatamisest. Virtuaalselt proovides sain endale kõige sobivamad prillid. Olen väga rahul nii tarne kui ka teenindusega.

Aleksandr K.

Остался доволен очками. Хорошая крепкая рама. Отлично подходят для работы за компьютером!

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